Lucy Majury

Are you bored of being stuck in the gym or not knowing what type of exercise or nutrition works for you? or perhaps you just need to spice things up a bit. Well if this is you then Lucy might just be able to help.

To succeed and reach our goals we need to have a certain amount of motivation, dedication and passion and Lucy has a whole heap of these. Lucy’s passion for fitness will help to motivate and push you towards progressing and achieving your own personal goals.

With a background in CrossFit, Powerlifiting, Kickboxing, strength and conditioning and fat loss, her teaching strengths lie within these areas. Additionally, she can help you to incorporate as much functional training as possible into your workout routines as these techniques can be utilised in your everyday life helping you to become stronger, not only in your fitness programmes, but also in your everyday life.

Lucy is also a fully qualified pre and post natal coach and works with ladies throughout all stages of their pregnancy to help keep them fit and healthy and also recover postpartum.

Alongside her personal training qualifications Lucy is also a performance nutritionist so she can help guide and advise you to sculpting and building a fat burning machine of your body, as the transformation of the body happens not only in the gym but also in the kitchen.

Lucy works individually with each client as everyone is different. This technique allows her to get the best results helping you to reach your own specific goals in a manageable and realistic time frame.  All she asks of you is your commitment, determination and desire to improve and reach your goals.