April 16 – It’s an inside out, odd sock kind of day!

Have you ever thought to yourself how getting yourself dressed in the morning may affect your actions for the rest of the day?

It hadn’t crossed my mind until someone mentioned it to me today!

I’m not really a superstitious type of person but this has definitely got me thinking.

After looking over my programming this Tuesday morning I knew I had a tough day ahead of me. Tuesdays are my longest day with my alarm going off at 5am and my first client starting at 5.30.

Steve (Fawcett) who does my athlete programming each week had programmed the Airdyne, one of the most disgusting machines that Crossfit has to offer.  Over the period of 2.5 years since I started Crossfit I have come to love this evil machine, even though Steve has a tendency to ensure that you are giving 110% each week with his structured training. This week was probably one of the most challenging yet, no feelings were spared when Ste programmed this.


During the workout I think I may have lost part of my soul during the intervals or at least that’s how it felt. Today’s bike session was the benchmark test for power output; your score is your total average watts divided by your bodyweight. You must complete 4 rounds of 4 minutes on a 1 minute off (rest), recording your average watts and calories. If you score over 5 then you have a good score. I hit 4.96 so basically 5, I was a happy girl, I stumbled off the bike and headed off for breakfast.

Just like every other day I make my scrambled porridge, as I call it (Buff Box Porridge), check my emails and social media, and prepare for the day ahead.


After my second morning client finished around 9.00 I headed over to meet the girls – Grace and Lindsay at Camberley CrossFit to have what I thought was going be a great girls’ training session – this is where the mental challenges began.

I was in the box for over 2 hours and managed to stretch, complete 9 muscle ups and a few snatches as well as having a big girly hissy fit.

I can safely say I have never been challenged mentally like I have been today whilst training. I felt exhausted and my body felt like it didn’t want to play – this to me was a sign I needed to rest due to the high volume of training I have been putting myself through recently in the build up to Regionals. 

I am by no means a quitter and I hate to leave training unfinished but when you can’t even complete skills that you know you can competently do, it’s a definite sign to rest, recover and come back stronger tomorrow. This week is a taper week for me so I didn’t feel quite so bad.

After throwing my hissy fit around the gym and feeling like I had let myself down from not training I headed off to physically and mentally recover myself to what is my favourite part of the week – my massage therapist.

If I can whole-heartedly advise one thing to any athlete and that is to make sure you regularly have sports massages! They WORK! 

During my massage whilst chatting to Steve (no not the same Steve who programmes for me – another one) as he massages me he decided to ask me if I thought my crazy day had been affected by my inside out odd socks.

Could the jumbleness of my socks have affected the jumble of my brain today? I think he was joking but it got me thinking about could the actions of my morning or day before training effect how I proceed to carry out your day?


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