April 16 – Life Lessons!

Today is a new day!

The sun is shining and I’m heading to the big city! London!

In the build up to regionals I have been trying to train with the best coaches I know who can help me dial in those few 1% errors in my efficiency and technique of movement and lifts to help me improve!

All those little 1% here and there can add to massive improvement in an overall wod time or lift!

Today I’m off to Shapesmiths in Clapham to train with my good friend Lee Steggles, who has massively supported me through my CrossFit journey.

Today’s training consists of a cardio piece and some skills! I’m excited for today, I love visiting new boxes and training with different people is always such fun!  A few of my friends who live in London are coming by to join in so it will be nice to catch up. See you on the way home!

girls and me 2

Well today has been a very exciting and inspiring day with so many exciting things to have come from it!

Firstly I PB a max set of mu just through one little reminder from Lee. When doing mu or any gymnastics in fact we need to remember to try and think like a gymnast, feet together and a big strong kip. Thinking like this and practising just this movement can tie over into your Pull-ups, chest to bar, bar mu etc. This was a massive confidence boost for me after yesterday’s shambles.

After training I had a great meeting with Lee concluding with so many exciting things coming from it! Watch this space! Maj is venturing out and about!

Today has taught me a lot not just about training but about life in general. Talking to friends and exploring London has made me realise these valuable lessons;

  1. There is so much more in the world than the one little area/surrounding we coup ourselves up in
  2. Sometimes if we don’t take risks and make a change you may never know what could happen or how good you could be! What is worse saying I tried or thinking what if or saying I wish?
  3. You have to make sure you have a balance in your life! You can work hard and chase a dream but you also need to have that down time

The biggest thing I’ll take away from today

“You can be both the prisoner and the prison guard of your life”


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