May 16 – Road Trip! 4 Boxes – 2 Days

Saturday – The road trip begins!

This bank holiday weekend I had planned a mini road trip to travel around a few different Crossfit boxes, visiting friends and doing what I love – Crossfit.

Saturday started at my home box near Farnborough called Crossfit Camberly. Here we had a throwdown to get the heart rates going to kickstart the weekend.

Next stop was Leamington Spa to see my good friend Craig Richey and his girlfriend Jasmine. After a few hours driving, I was greeted in true vlogging style with a camera in my face!  (Check out his awesome vlogs on his YouTube channel TeamRICHEY. With the car unloaded we set off to their box, Crossfit Faber, to meet the rest of the Faber crew. The box had a great vibe, with music blasting and Saturday’s partner WOD in full swing when we arrived. One thing I can’t resist is pushing myself to the limit to see what I can achieve, and I love seeing people encouraging each other at all different stages of their Crossfit journey.

us all

Around lunchtime, it was back in the car again, Buffbox meal in hand, and off to Crossfit Central Staffs in Stafford. It was a flying visit as we dropped Craig off with Steve Fawcett and Matt Hodges. Whilst the boys hung out, me and Jas took the opportunity to go and explore the Staffordshire countryside. Our adventure turned out to be not quite so little as the sat nav took the scenic route and we appeared to be driving across someone’s farm for what seemed like miles!

Although the furry four-legged friends were no help with directions, it certainly made our afternoon a very interesting one. The horses full of strength and beauty, and the cows mainly providing us with bad smells. Relatable, I feel a comparison of the girls and boys coming along here… :p If excessive laughing was a WOD, we nailed it! Regionals, horseriding, the Games, general plans to conquer the world – just the usual things you pencil in the diary whilst on a girly road trip, right?

After picking Craig up, we headed back to make the most of the sunny evening and had a wander round the quaint town of Leamington. A cheeky Nandos was in order to finish off an action-packed day and refuel ready for tomorrow – standard!


This morning was a mad one! Me and Jas headed out early for some morning cardio whilst Craig went to work, then it was a mad rush for everyone to get ready to leave again by 10:30am. Between Craig edited his vlogs and me taking forever to make my Buffbox porridge we ended up being 20minutes late to Crossfit Mavericks! – but the porridge tastes amazing and is still my fave meal of the day, so it can’t be rushed.

When we got there we met up with a whole bunch of Craig’s friends, both from Faber and Mavericks, to do some lifting and workout. This is what you call a perfect Sunday! It’s so nice how Crossfit boxes like these can come together and workout, it is what forms the Crossfit community.


Today’s lifting consisted of some OMEM snatch and clean & jerk working up to 85% of your 1RM. Gymnastics for today was muscle ups! At the moment I’m working on being more efficient and working on sets of %s of my max set. Our WOD turned into airdyne sprints – for fun – if that’s even possible!

Training is so important at the moment with the Crossfit Regionals in Madrid just around the corner. Sticking to my JST plan from Steve Fawcett is imperative to maximise my chances and performance. My rest and recovery also plays a fundamental part, allowing me to peak at the right times.

Alongside training, it is also important to keep my nutrition in line whilst being away from home and my usual routine. This can sometimes be hard, but being around likeminded people always helps, especially when they encourage you and only want the best for you! Pre-planning my meals and having support makes this a lot easier.

Post training plan included food, coffee and sightseeing – what more could you ask for?! I have to mention here the epic Cajun chicken, bacon and avo salad that I had for lunch! It was from a quirky little coffee shop called Zou Bisou, and was possibly one of the nicest things I have ever eaten! It was never ending and had so many flavours!


We wrapped Sunday up with a walk around Jephson Gardens and, after surviving a spinning seesaw (yes – a spinning seesaw!) went home to consume large amounts of chicken fajitas!

Bank holiday Monday is looming, and it is off to Crossfit JST in Wigan in the morning to spend a few days training with Steve Fawcett and the crew! Stay tuned for more blogs and an insight into the lead up to Regionals. We have a busy training schedule ahead!


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