May 16 – Training with the best

jst outside

The music was pumping, the atmosphere was buzzing and the adrenaline flying as Steve (Fawcett) Jak (Cornthwaite) and I worked through a whole bunch of snatch drills and build up to a heavy triple hang snatch! The weight on the boy’s bars made my bar look like a training bar! It was unreal what they were lifting but so good to be training with them.

I think today was possibly one of the best lifting sessions I have had in a very long time if not ever! Nothing beats training with the best!

I didn’t PB on my lifts but I wasn’t far off! Trying to PB is not the purpose of me coming up to train with the boys, rather for them to watch my lifts, analyse them and give me some awesome feedback! Just what I need when regionals is just around the corner!

I booked in to have a lifting session with Jak whilst I was visiting so I could have 1-1 attention and so he could really focus on my weakest areas.

snatch drills

My problem tends to be as the bar gets heavier it comes out in front of me instead of directly up. Due to this Jak literally drilled me for an hour on snatch pulls and drills! He was like a drill Sargent, but that was exactly what I needed.

After we had all sat and had a Buff Box picnic (lunch) we ventured back downstairs to try out the CrossFit workout Nate, however this time it was the regionals version as the regionals workouts have started to be released.

Usually Nate is 2 Muscle ups, 4 HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups), 8 KB (Kettlebell) Swing

Regionals Nate 4 Strict Muscle ups, 7 Strict HSPU, 12 (6 per arm) Heavy KB Snatch

regionasl workout

I am pretty happy with the workouts so far, snatch isn’t my strongest lift but I can do them to the standard needed and Nate, well that makes me very happy as I love strict muscle ups, strict HSPU and KB swings.

Putting it all together into a workout though was interesting. I can officially say the only person out of us all that got a proper workout was Ste – the rest of us got multiple rounds but by no means moved anywhere near as fast as he did. That man is ridiculous.

We finished our day with what Ste calls an AB Attack class. Every CrossFitter needs a strong core so off we went for 5 rounds of 1 min Free Standing Hand Stand Hold, 30s Hollow Hold, 30s Arch Hold, ALPHABET. I know your all thinking what is ALPHABET, basically you spell the alphabet out with your feet in the air keeping your back in contact with the floor – try it, not as easy as it sounds.

After spending 6-7 hours in the gym (not that I complain I love it) I can officially say I am now led on the sofa back at Fran’s completely shattered but excited to see what the next regionals workouts will bring. I am chilling out watching Craig Richey’s new VLOG (YouTube – Craig Richey) and there is a special guest in it – I wonder who that could be 🙂  ‘See you in the next one’


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