July 16 – Fitbit Surge Review!

It does not matter if you are a record braking athlete or just someone who likes to keep fit for fun, the FitBit Surge could defiantly revolutionise your training.

Before having my FitBit Surge I went about my training like any normal athlete recording what I was eating, lifting, how fast I was running so I could track if I was improving or not. Since having my FitBit Surge my training has not been the same since – of course for the better! And here is why!


I could always see if I was improving on my weighted lifts such as squat, bench, clean and snatch because the weight would go up on the bar but I was never able to really monitor my heart rate whilst carrying out cardio exercise. Since having my FitBit surge I have been able to monitor my heartrate throughout workouts using the workout record app and being able to monitor it for periods of time throughout differing heartrate zones. This has been so useful especially when I have to sit in certain heartrate zones for certain periods of time.

The FitBit Surge has also helped me to track how much I am eating compared to what I am burning whilst I am training. This has been a real eye opener for me as I was eating what I believed to be enough but actually against what I was burning whilst training and going about my day to day job as a personal trainer (very active) I was shocked to see how much you really burn. I realise the calorie counter is a guide and is not 100% accurate but it defiantly is a good way to track what goes in and expended out. The other really nice thing I like is that you can attach your My Fitness Pal app to your FitBit so everything is linked and the maths is all worked out for you! Bonus!

The tracking and lap timing options on the Surge are so useful especially as we often have timed runs around a track or a long distance run. In having the tracking device on my watch I am able to just run and not have to have already planned my route. This is perfect for me as I am always short for time to plan where I will run before I go.

surge 2

When training hard it is always good to be able to track your sleep as well as times, lifts and food but it can be very hard to track your sleep pattern and if you have slept enough. Once again the Surge has a sleep app which helps you to record if you are sleeping enough and if you are in a deep sleep or if you were restless. This I believe for me is probably one of the most important features of the watch as rest for an athlete is so important especially when trying to get fitter and stronger. Again I realise this is just a guide but it is amazing in helping you track your sleep pattern.

One of the nice smaller features of the FitBit Surge which I really like is the daily step monitor. Most days I manage to complete my 10,000 daily recommended steps by midday being up early does help but it was very encouraging to know I was keep healthy whilst just going about my day to day life.

super watch.png

As I said at the beginning weather you are a record breaking athlete or just someone who likes to keep fit the FitBit Surge is a must! My training really wouldn’t be the same without it and I cannot remember how I coped before I had it! I really would feel lost without my watch!


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