Aug 16 – Post Regionals Rest and Training

It’s been a while since I have written a blog about what I have been getting up to so I thought I would update you all on what I have been doing since Regionals. The effect on my body of taking part in Regionals was a lot more than I thought it would be but now that I have finally got back into training properly I feel I can now talk about and reflect about what I have been up to. I truly have learned a lot about myself, training, rest and nutrition over the last few months and how important rest and recuperation are after a big competition.

Firstly, I took a few weeks off to rest and recover – mentally and physically. It had been a long season training for the Open and, with my unexpected qualification for Regionals, training then continued for Regionals.


My recovery weeks after Regionals consisted of a complete weeks rest with no training at all. Initially I thought before Regionals that this would be impossible but I can honestly say the thought of even stepping inside a gym after Regionals was way too much for me to be able to cope with. I felt like I hibernated for a whole week and slept. My mind was completely shot and my body drained. I can safely say that I have never felt like this in my training career. A place I never thought I would ever go to.

After the initial rest week, I was allowed to move but nothing heavy or intense. My body still needed time to recover and my central nervous system needed to come back too normal. During these two weeks I was still finding it really hard to get my head back into a place where it wanted to train. I was surprised how mentally difficult I was finding it. I could see other girls and guys who had also competed getting back into training doing heavy lifts but I just wasn’t ready yet and I didn’t know at that point Steve’s plan for my training going forward (JST Programming). Reflecting back now I can see why Steve made me rest the way he did.


After my full rest of 3-4 weeks I was allowed to start training again but just light drills for my Olympic lifting and some fun gymnastics, with little conditioning work, as I was entering my strength cycle. Steve programmes for each of us individually so I always know he is making me work on my weakest things.

While I was just getting back into training I decided that I would see Simon Whitnall to help me work on my movement patterns and mobility while also working on preventing injury. I can honestly say that working with Simon has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The differences I have been able to make in my training through being able to move properly is incredible.


Bringing my training up to date, Steve is finally just allowing me to work up to heavy lifts, some two months after Regionals. While it has been a long road to being able to lift heavy weights again I can see why Steve has programmed the way he has. I have PB’d every lift and I am making some great gains. I finally feel that my mind is in a good place so lifting heavy has not been an issue and I have never felt nervous or scared to lift, just confident and raring to go.

So what did I do in between my rest weeks to now, being allowed to lift heavy? I did a lot of isolation, midline, lunges, overhead and strict gymnastics, alongside a bunch more things. The reason for this is that I was strengthening my muscles ready to lift heavy again. Sure, there was an element of strength going into Regionals but the majority of work leading up to then had been cardio based for the Open.

Going forward I will continue to work on my strength and then prepare to kick ass in the Open next year.

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