Sep 16 – Start by Moving Well!

Moving well is not just for those who train multiple times a day or for those who are planning to go to the games. Every person taking part in any sport regularly should be able to move well, especially if it involves lifting and moving any object of any weight.
Have you ever wondered why your Olympic lifting numbers are not going up or why you can’t do pistols? Well the answer may not be your strength or technique but your mobility or a movement pattern you are doing incorrectly.
After competing in the Meridian Regionals this year (2016) I started working with Simon Whitnall on improving my mobility and movement patterns. My coaches had suggested that it was not necessarily my strength or technique holding me back but not being able to move into certain positions when catching/moving the barbell. After being assessed by Simon he agreed and since then I have worked on my mobility and movement patters twice a day.
Before seeing Simon, I thought that my movement and mobility was pretty good but he proved me wrong. Simon picked up on the lack of dorsiflexion in my right ankle, lack of rotation and movement through my back and shoulders and also my right hip flexors. Not much really!
“Optimising your movement is crucial to maximising your potential.
What is optimal movement?
Each exercise requires a unique movement requirement from your body. The better your body moves the better you will perform that given exercise.
Movement is not just mobility or range of motion. Good movement requires the right amount of strength, stability, mobility, coordination, balance, power, speed and agility for that given exercise.
E.g Every joint and every muscle needs to have the range of motion and strength/balance/coordination through that range to perform the exercise successfully. Purely creating more range of motion could put your joints, muscles or ligaments at risk as you haven’t taught the body to control and decelerate the range of motion you have provided it. Vice versa creating more strength without range of motion can put more stress on areas of the body…
It all comes down to training smart and using professionals to teach you to optimise your training and your body’s potential.
Moving well and getting PBs makes life a lot more fun” – Simon Whitnall
I can say 100% that since working with Simon and completing my homework of exercises every day I have massively improved my Olympic lifting and strength work.
Not only has Simon helped me to move in the right movement patterns but because my muscles are now working properly they have become considerably stronger. I have also reduced my niggles and injuries as they are not flaring or playing up anymore.
I can speak only from experiences of friends who have used Simon and have come back from injuries stronger than ever or like me have massively improved their lifting.
If you are struggling with your movement or mobility, then I would strongly suggest speaking to Simon, the movement GURU!

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