June 17 – Canggu Bali – A CrossFitter’s Dream Holiday destination.

I decided to go to Bali on holiday this year to visit a good friend but also it was about time I had a break to relax and unwind with some guaranteed sun – my last real holiday was way over 3 years ago! I’m not very good at letting myself go away as I always worry about not training and not being able to eat well – fear not you will defiantly not have this problem in Bali! 


Although I was under strict instructions to rest whilst I was away, which I must say I did, I still needed to do some active recovery to keep my body ticking over and there was no better place to do this than at CrossFit Wanderlust. Bali offers two CrossFit boxes but Wanderlust is by far the best as the other is smaller and is situated on a busy street. Wanderlust offers drop-in sessions and has the most amazing electric atmosphere to train in. This, coupled with the amazing coaches headed up by Dave Driskell, creates in my opinion the best place to train in Bali! 




I knew that training was not going to be an issue while I was away but I was more concerned about eating out when I booked to go to Bali. I was unsure if I would be able to eat healthily or even be able to stomach the foods as I suffer from a lot of gut discomfort. Needless to say I should never have been worried; the food out in Bali is all so healthy and a lot of it is gluten free. 


During my trip I found two favourite places to eat. 


My number one favourite café to eat in was Machinery. Machinery is located about 10 minutes walk from the beach up Batu Bolong street Canggu! It is located slightly further out than some other cafés but is 100% worth the walk. 


Machinery offers healthy breakfast from oats, eggs and bacon, smoothie bowls and green bowls to even sweeter pancakes – something for everyone. I would eat here everyday if I could. Alongside the most amazing food the staff were so friendly smiley and their attention to detail and service was second to none. A cafe not to miss. And their cold coffees, well you need to try these for yourself! 


My second favourite was Eden Café situated just up from Machinery. Eden Café, like Machinery uses locally sourced produce but like no other café uses homemade ingredients like ice cream and yogurt! 


Eden’s owner is very passionate about her food and spent time with me explaining how all the meals are put together so the ratio of protein carbohydrates and fats can fuel athletes for the day and their training, as she realises a lot of her clients are in Bali surfing, doing yoga or doing CrossFit! Eden Café supplies a lot of food to athletes as well as general clients in Bali on holiday. 


What really stood out at Eden Café was there wide menu and their decent sized portions and great dinner options. Aside from Eden it was hard to find restaurants that really catered for dinner. 


Crate was another of my favourites. Crate is once again situated along Batu Bolong just a little closer to the beach. Crate offers very healthy breakfast/brunch options where you sit in an open fronted café overlooking the amazing scenery of Bali. 


As I mentioned above evening meals were hard to find, however, Mywarung offers great options and are scattered around Bali so if you are travelling around they are usually not far away. The staff were extremely friendly and the food was great value for money and very tasty. They provide salads, burgers and also local dishes. Something for everyone. I highly recommend trying the ….. local dish – both the rice and noodle version. You will not be disappointed. Mywarung also offer a variety of cocktails and alcoholic beverages if you like to have a drink with your meal. 


Other great options were Avocado (sweet potato waffles and apple granola yogurt for breakfast) Bark, Dues, Monsieur Spoon and Echo Beach Bar. 


You are certainly not short for places to eat in Canggu and there were still many places I didn’t manage to venture into but I spent a lot of time looking at and reviewing menus and these few listed above for sure stood out to me. 


If you are looking to travel to Bali and would like further recommendations on places to eat, visit etc please don’t hesitate to ask. 


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