June 17 – Ironbar Coffee

I will admit that I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob and would choose a little coffee shop with a home brewed coffee over an international chain coffee shop any day!

This is all well and good when I’m out and about but I struggle to find a good coffee I can drink when I get home.

 Shop-bought coffee is nice sometimes but it is very hard to find a coffee that doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste or taste like dirty dish water, plus I love, love, love strong coffee and decent are few and far between.

 iron bar coffee.png

I then stumbled across Ironbar Coffee. I had seen Ironbar mentioned in a few of my friends’ Instagram posts and had been meaning to get some Ironbar  coffee for a while and when I finally got around to it I wished I had done it sooner.

 As I said before, I love strong coffee and Ironbar Dark Blend #21 is one of the best tasting strong coffees I have ever drunk. The blend is smooth and has a real deep and strong taste whilst being easy to drink. There is no bitter aftertaste in your mouth which I find with a lot of other ‘strong’ tasting coffees.

I like to have a coffee before I train and this blend is perfect as it has a high caffeine content which can help enhance performance, but it won’t make you feel dizzy or crumble under the bar. Plus it tastes amazing cold as well. My ultimate favourite way to drink coffee.

 Ironbar’s InHouse Blend #15 is a less strong coffee from Guatemala and Brazil. Although this coffee contains less caffeine the taste produced from the coffee is just as strong. Once again it has a smooth but full, rich roasted taste. There is no bitterness or aftertaste. This is one of my favourite things about Ironbar Coffee – no coffee breathe for the rest of the day! Winning!

iron bar coffee 2

 For anyone who loves coffee Ironbar Coffee  is by far one of my favourite places to buy it.

 I am so excited to try their third coffee blend Revive Blend #9. The Revive Blend is a Brazilian coffee with a real nutty and caramel taste. Perfect, I hear,  for those who love to add a little syrup to their coffee. With Ironbar, however, there is no need as it has its own natural caramel taste.


If you would like to try Ironbar Coffee, which I highly recommend, them you can find them on Instagram @ironbarcoffee or on their website here.


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