July 17 – Puori

When buying supplements it is always hard to know where to buy them and from which company. Nowadays the supplement market is inundated with supplements which are ‘the best on the market’ or ‘offer what others can’t’. So, with many companies stating this, how are we to know where to start with looking for a good quality product which will produce the results it says it will.

I get asked so often what are the best supplements to buy and which company should I use. Due to this I decided I would write a review on one of the best supplement companies I believe there is on the market at the moment. PUORI – formally known as Pure Pharma.


Puori vows to make supplements that are natural and pure. Puori states that it only makes supplements using the best and freshest ingredients helping to bridge the gap in the deficiencies we now have due to the over-processed foods we consume.

Puori handpicks its ingredients and monitors the process every ingredient goes through from the start of manufacture to the finished  product. This way quality can be monitored accurately.

Puori offers many products from basic Omega 3, ZMA and D3 to Vegan Proteins, Greens Powders and Synbiotics.

puori 3

The ratios of DHA to EPA in their Omega 3 tablets greatly outweighs any other product I have found to date. Puori Omega 3 tablets are especially good for female athletes as scientist have suggested that female athletes require slightly differwnt ratios of EPA and DHA to help optimal training and recovery and Puori is the only company I have managed to find that reaches these ratios. Alongside their Omega 3 tablets Puori has the first fish oil in an oil form to be IFOS stamped and has been voted the best in Denmark against all top brands. Puori Omega tablets and oil have no fishy aftertaste or even burps! Bonus.

Synbiotics (SB3) is one of my favourite Puori products and one I take regularly, because it works. SB3 is Puori’s good gut bacteria product or pre/probiotic. Your gastrointestinal tract contains trillions of bacteria which need nurturing and looking after so it does not turn into bad gut bacteria and start to cause gut disturbances.

Puroi’s SB3 contains 13 billion live bacteria to thrive alongside the bacteria already present in your gut helping you to become healthier and even improve training performance, because the majority of your hormones and bodily functions start in your gut.


Unlike most other synbiotics, Puroi’s SB3 does not need to be stored in the fridge as each dose is freeze dried in a sachet so it can be taken on the go. You do not even need water to dissolve it in – tastes like a yummy refresher.

Most of us will avoid taking greens powders because they do not taste very nice – in fact more like swimming around in a pond with your mouth open, even if disguised in shakes or smoothies. Puori have produced a greens that is made from parsley, kale and spinach which surprisingly when mixed into a smoothie or shake cannot be tasted. I even managed to make greens raw balls and they tasted amazing.

This is a massive plus as many of us fail to consume all of the micronutrients we need on a daily basis and adding in a greens powder can massively help this. Puori only uses organic ingredients in its greens powders to make sure you are getting the most nutrients possible. You can also opt for the lemon and lime flavour if you do not want to risk the unflavoured option.

puori 2

With all this being said I think the winner of my favourite Puori product has to go to the Puori Protein PR3. Most non-dairy proteins tend to have a very grainy and sandy taste whereas the Puori PR3 does not have this and mixes easily into smoothies or just milk. Each serving contains 24g of protein and is made from entirely organic ingredients – what more could you ask for. It even mixes well into a chocolate mug cake treat! Bonus.

Picking the right supplements for you and your goals is not always easy especially if you do not know much about the company you are buying from. My advice has always been the same – you get what you pay for. Puori may be slightly more expensive than some companies but it sure is worth it for a natural, organic well-produced product.  Make sure you check out Puori for its full range of supplements.

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