Oct 17 – Paleoethics

Finding vegan or dairy free supplements can be hard sometimes especially when you are not sure of the quality or how they are going to taste. I have tried many different vegan and dairy free products that are on the market – some have been ok but not mixed well some tasted like grit and some were just vile. This was until I tried using PALEOETHICS.


PALEOETHICS offer a range of vegan and dairy free products which cover a broad spectrum of areas – from recovery, to pre- workout, greens and even a protein tea (I can’t get enough of this). Each product has been created with ingredients to maximise its purpose.

REBUILD RECOVER – is one of my favourite post workout products by Paleoethics. Not only does it contain a dairy free protein substitute, beef protein, but it contains hydrating properties from coconut water which is essential after a sweaty session. When taking rebuild you will be getting your post workout carbs from sweet potato powder. Too many recovery products are full of sugary and poor quality carbohydrate sources so having sweet potato is a very innovative way of adding carbs to a post workout shake. Rebuild also contains my favourite ingredient beet juice helping to reduce inflammation and increasing nitrates aiding overall health and exercise performance.

recovery re build

GREENS – Paleoethics greens powder for me is one of the best on the market at the moment. It contains multiple ingredients that can help enhance overall health and wellness. This is particularly important when your body is put under high intensity training every day. Paleoethics greens contains spinach, kale, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli and parsley powder to name a few. Each ingredient has been picked carefully for its micronutrient properties and effects they have on the body in helping recovery and boost your immune system.

paleoethics - greens

SUPER SERUM – If you are looking for a dairy free protein with high protein content then super serum is the one for you. I have tried many beef proteins in the past and I have always experienced bloating from them this however was not the case with super serum. RESULT! Super serum mixes well and has a very smooth taste and is excellent for adding to pancakes or making into a moose for a late evening snack. Due to its low carbohydrate content super serum is very good for those who want a dairy free protein and are looking to lose weight.

super serum

PALEO RECOVERY MATRIX – If like me you find it hard sometimes to not snack in the evening then recovery matrix is the perfect solution. Recovery matrix is a protein tea that looks after that sweet evening craving. Simply mix the powder with hot water and ta da you have your tea. Now the winter nights are setting in recovery matrix is an amazing solution to helping curb sweet cravings whilst providing vital nutrients to improve recovery. It is perfect to have after an evening training session as it contains magnesium and zinc which help to promote muscle recovery and reduce stressors in the body.

tea zma

Alongside those mentioned above Paleoethics have multiple other products which are full of amazing ingredients and very beneficial when paired with training and a great diet. These products will be reviewed in a later blog.

For more information visit Paleoethics website

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