Jan 18 – Reflecting on 2017


It has come to that time of year again when everyone starts kicking back and reminiscing of what they have achieved over the past year and what they would like to achieve in the coming year. I am no different to anyone else and I have taken time to think my year through. The key q’s I ask myself are:

Would I have changed anything?

In short, my answer is no…. I believe all the decisions I made this year were for the right reasons and I can honestly say I do not look back and regret any decision that I made. Life threw me curve balls and difficult situations that were hard to deal with but I took these as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. It helped to build me into the person I am today.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. People come into your life and people leave. You’re offered opportunities and things for a reason. I don’t think regretting a decision you choose to make is necessarily possible, as you made it for a reason, and that reason was right for you at the time. You can always ask “well, what if?”, correct, but if you felt that that decision wasn’t right for you at the time then you wouldn’t have made it. So maybe it isn’t a “what if?” at all.

Did I achieve what I set out to achieve?

This year I decided to ‘have fun’. By this I mean I wanted to do the very best I could every day in my training, work and life and not take things too seriously or put too much pressure on myself. I believe I achieved this most days, I would like to say all but no one is perfect.  I was able to travel, visit some amazing places with amazing people, compete with some of my best friends and win competitions. Being able to do all of these things was a privilege and something I will treasure.

However, there was one ‘big’ goal I did not achieve this year. No one had told me I needed to but I believed I should and in my head, I always thought,

“Lucy, everyone expects you to qualify again because you have the last 2 years. Do not let them down”

something I now know simply wasn’t the case.

This goal was qualifying for The CrossFit Meridian Regionals.

Not making it to Regionals was one of the hardest things for me to deal with. I had worked so hard for the whole year, sacrificed so much and given up so much time to training and being relentless with my recovery and nutrition. Not to mention the amount of pressure I put on myself to go again. I can honestly say the pressure alongside the damn snatch workout was the reason I believe I did not qualify.

Putting pressure on yourself to achieve is a killer.

Accomplishing goals you set out to achieve is the best feeling ever but putting so much pressure on yourself to achieve something I can now see doesn’t work to your advantage in some cases. A great lesson to learn and one I can carry into other aspects of life this year.

superhuman games

Did I achieve more?

Did I achieve more?….. that’s a hard question and one that is very hard to answer, as I did not set out with any real expectations apart from Regionals.

I 100% achieved more in my career this year than I would ever have expected and have become a well-respected Performance Nutritionist at pH Nutrition.

In my personal and training life, I have met so many new people who have now become some of my closest friends and mean more to me than I would ever have imagined.

What was the biggest thing I learned?

I have always been someone who has appreciated life and realises how fortunate I am with the lifestyle I lead but this year the biggest thing I learned was to appreciate life, my family and my true friends even more than I ever have because life is very precious and short.

Sadly, this year I lost another of the most inspiring people in my life – my Grandma. Not only was she one of the strongest willed people I knew but she was so determined and stubborn when she wanted to achieve something – probably where I get it from. She was someone who achieved so much with her life and always taught us to follow our dreams and do whatever made us happy and figure the rest out as we went along.

Loosing another of my grandparents really made me realise how much we should just enjoy each day and never take anything or anyone for granted. Sometimes we will argue and fall out with people but grudges should never be held.

Final Thoughts

Unlike some, I am not a big fan of setting goals and new year’s resolutions because I don’t really believe in them. Most feel they need to set them because it is the done thing rather than setting a goal because they want to achieve it. So, I have not set any resolutions. I have just said to myself if I can maximise and enjoy everyday of my life this year then I will have achieved everything I set out to do and anything else is a bonus.

Life is so precious. So enjoy it and keep those close to you that treat you well and you enjoy being around. Everything in life happens for a reason and sometimes you just need to trust the process, enjoy the company of those around you and roll with things. Life is short. So live. Everything else will fall into place!

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