Aug 18 – 15 Questions


If you said to a friend you have 15 questions ask what you want, what would you ask?

Here is what I got asked!? Why not try this with your friends?!

  1. What did you want to be when you were older? Singer/Musician
  2. Where is your favourite place in the World? Locally Frencham Ponds abroad Africa or Bali – I know that is more than one that is a very hard q.
  3. One song that sums up or resonates the most with you? Dermont Kennedy – Moments passed or Iris – Goo Goo Dolls. Quite a few songs have memories for me. Music is Life!
  4. What one item could you not live without – Nail Varnish I hate my nails not being painted!
  5. Gym wear or Sartorial elegance – Gym wear
  6. Biggest regret? I don’t really have any regrets everything in life is a lesson and you can use it to help make you stronger.
  7. Biggest achievement? Standing out on the Regionals floor for the first time knowing all my hard work and sacrifices had paid off. Reaching the summit of KILI
  8. Perfect WOD? Easy … Diane 21-15-9 HSPU and DL
  9. What super power would you like or super hero would you be? The ability to read or get inside someone’s mind.
  10. What animal would you be? I would be a lion because they watch and take everything in then when they want something they pounce and go get it.
  11. Signature Dish? Erm … I can cook but I don’t do it a lot especially when it is just for me but everyone says my cinnamon and honey sweet potato fries are great!
  12. Bungee Jump, skydive or white- water rafting? Skydive – on my bucket list
  13. Perfect Date? The date doesn’t really matter, it’s the person you are with. Vomit! I really like nice walks, chatting and looking at the stars. I’m a very simple human being!
  14. Favourite film to curl up and watch on the sofa? The Holiday
  15. Funniest thing you have ever done? I’m not really a very funny person….. well not on purpose anyway so no idea here sorry!

What would you have asked?

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Aug 18 – Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

You were never lost and then found so the person you are today has been shaped and created by the experiences, challenges and things you have gone through in your life and how you reacted to them. Your strength, resilience, maturity and how you treat people.

Throughout life we are always trying to discover who we are, what life really means to us and what we want from it.  What many of us forget is that life is not about “finding yourself but it is about creating yourself”.  

In life we have to figure out and learn what we are capable of achieving, learning, creating, doing and we can only do this by going through rough times, challenges, break-ups etc as they help us to learn, push forward and grow. One of the hardest things to do at these times is to not over analyse, think too deeply into something and hardest of all learn how to move forward from something you may not want to let go of. For me in life, if something doesn’t work, doesn’t happen or causes me pain then it’s not worth going back to.


Granted this took me a long time to realise and learn but has always been a resonating thought in my head ever since.

I will not call them failures, as in failed relationships, job that didn’t work out, friendships that broke down, competitions you didn’t do well in, because nothing is ever a failure just a lesson, so we will call them challenges. From these challenges we can learn and use the experience to help us to grow and become mentally, physically and even spiritually stronger. We can use these times to help us to learn how we want to live our lives and how we want to move forward.

Life isn’t easy and I doubt it ever will be.

“Sometimes you have to be knocked down lower than you ever have before to be able to stand up taller than you ever have before”

Life isn’t about how many times we get knocked down or how bad it is when we get knocked down but how we get back up and learn from the challenges we have come across, how we can become a better person and how we can grow as a person moving forward.

You may or may not realise it but every choice, decision or experience we go through helps to shape us into who we are and how people see us. While it may not bother you what people think of you we can’t blindly go about life. The bottom line I guess is that it is up to us how we get up from challenges how we move forward and how we react.

If we learn to look at our lives as continuous lessons then we will spend less time focusing on the problems and going back to past challenges and learn to move forward and continue our journey. Every challenge should be embraced. We can find the meaning behind it, learn from it and then move forward using it to help us to grow into a better human being. From challenges come new opportunities and adventures.

My biggest lesson was using challenges as inspiration to help me move forward, focus on my happiness and grow into the person I aspire to be.


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