Aug 18 – 15 Questions


If you said to a friend you have 15 questions ask what you want, what would you ask?

Here is what I got asked!? Why not try this with your friends?!

  1. What did you want to be when you were older? Singer/Musician
  2. Where is your favourite place in the World? Locally Frencham Ponds abroad Africa or Bali – I know that is more than one that is a very hard q.
  3. One song that sums up or resonates the most with you? Dermont Kennedy – Moments passed or Iris – Goo Goo Dolls. Quite a few songs have memories for me. Music is Life!
  4. What one item could you not live without – Nail Varnish I hate my nails not being painted!
  5. Gym wear or Sartorial elegance – Gym wear
  6. Biggest regret? I don’t really have any regrets everything in life is a lesson and you can use it to help make you stronger.
  7. Biggest achievement? Standing out on the Regionals floor for the first time knowing all my hard work and sacrifices had paid off. Reaching the summit of KILI
  8. Perfect WOD? Easy … Diane 21-15-9 HSPU and DL
  9. What super power would you like or super hero would you be? The ability to read or get inside someone’s mind.
  10. What animal would you be? I would be a lion because they watch and take everything in then when they want something they pounce and go get it.
  11. Signature Dish? Erm … I can cook but I don’t do it a lot especially when it is just for me but everyone says my cinnamon and honey sweet potato fries are great!
  12. Bungee Jump, skydive or white- water rafting? Skydive – on my bucket list
  13. Perfect Date? The date doesn’t really matter, it’s the person you are with. Vomit! I really like nice walks, chatting and looking at the stars. I’m a very simple human being!
  14. Favourite film to curl up and watch on the sofa? The Holiday
  15. Funniest thing you have ever done? I’m not really a very funny person….. well not on purpose anyway so no idea here sorry!

What would you have asked?

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