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Rookie at Regionals -Part 2

Regionals – Day 1

I hadn’t been too nervous up to this point, I have competed in quite a few competitions now, so I was just trying to think of this as just another WOD. There was no need to get worked up about it, I had done my preparation and couldn’t do anymore until I got in the arena. I knew my strengths, my weaknesses and had an idea of what I needed to aim for in each heat.

After finding out I kept a few house members awake with my snoring, I figured I had managed to get a pretty good night’s sleep! I kept to my usual morning routine and made my favourite green Buffbox porridge. Following breakfast, I went for a 10 minute walk to help wake up and get my body moving. Jasmine joined me and, despite the steep hills surrounding the Buffbox house, we managed a quick catch up before heading back to get ready for the crazy day ahead.

We left the Buffbox house in good time to get to the arena for registration. We wanted to make sure we didn’t lose our way driving from the depths of the Spanish hills into Madrid! Coffee was first on the agenda when we arrived, before signing in and picking up my food for the day from Buffbox. Remembering to keep my diet consistent, with enough time before and in between workouts is very important, especially on days of competition when you need to make sure your energy levels stay high.

The first WOD of the day was the snatch ladder. Although I was trying to keep my calm to the people around me, inside I was nervous. Really nervous. Not for the WOD itself, but because I knew I had to hit the minimum requirement if I wanted to go further in the competition. I felt anxious not knowing if I would even clear the first hurdle.

I managed to get four reps in the warm up at the starting weight. I knew this was never going to be the WOD for me, but I had to just try my best and get that one rep.

In these situations it is all about setting yourself realistic targets. If you set the bar too high you will never achieve or reach your targets. I knew the first weight was near my max, so it was unrealistic to think I was going to get far down the ladder. One rep minimum was my aim. And I did it. It’s all about making it relevant to you and your abilities.

I was looking forward to the second WOD. It looked fun and I did ok when I tried it in training. The kettle bell snatch was easy, the handstand push ups were ok, but the strict muscle ups slowed me down. Judging was really strict making it easy to no rep.

When you get into that dark place you have to stay calm. It is easy to get frustrated when there is one thing holding you back, but you have to stay focused and concentrate on getting that next rep. That aside, I still really enjoyed it.

I spent the evening chilling out back at the Buffbox house. Everyone got involved with sorting the athlete packs ready for the following day, nothing like a bit of team bonding over food prep!

Regionals – Day 2

The next morning I felt fresh. The WODs were a lot more suited to me so I was excited to get started. I knew it would be tough but the movements were good so I wasn’t too worried.

The first WOD was good fun, but it was hot and muggy out there. I had a good warm up with John from JST, making sure I hit max effort before heading out onto the floor. The WOD started well, but going from the wall balls to pistols was tough and I still felt tired from the first WOD. I was 5 or 6 reps off finishing, which I was really pleased with. I could be really critical and be annoyed that I was so close to finishing, but with this whole competition I am putting everything down to experience.

I was comfortable with the movements in the second WOD. I warmed up fine, but then when I got in there the deadlifts felt so heavy! Coming off the trueform and ghd drains your legs going into the deadlifts. I still did ok though. I completed 3 1/2 rounds which is what my plan was. Again, I have to make sure I stay focused on what my own targets are and not get caught up in what is unachievable this time around.

I was a bit gutted that I didn’t finish the last WOD, but being here is an experience in itself. I feel grateful to have even got to this point, I need to remember this and not lose sight of what I came here to achieve.

With the second day of competition done it was time to rest up, feed up and get ready to smash the last day. I had a 45minute massage to help with my recovery and prep for the final day. The WODs were intense, heavy and close together which left me feeling absolutely knackered by the end of the day!

I have really enjoyed being in the Buffbox house for the weekend. It makes a big difference when you are surrounded by positive, supportive people. Being based 25 miles out the city also had its benefits.

It was so peaceful and the perfect environment to switch off and unwind. It gave me time to reflect on the weekend so far. I have had the opportunity to share the floor with some of the best Crossfit athletes in the world, which is so humbling and almost difficult to believe. I stand in awe of the people that surround me in the warm up area, and it reminds me of the incredible journey Crossfit has given me.

One of the best things about the weekend has been receiving messages from my family at home, who have never really understood what I do or what Crossfit is about. They have all been following the videos and social media, and telling me I’m smashing it! Also, I have to mention my amazing support team in the crowd. Cheering me on through every workout! It is this amazing support from both at home and in Madrid that is driving me forwards. I don’t want to let anyone down.

Bring on the final day!

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