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Rookie at Regionals – Part 3

Regionals – Day 3

Today started with a 16 minute chipper workout! It had some really good movements for me but unfortunately, due to the tendinitis in my thumb and wrist, the OHS which usually wouldn’t be a problem for me caused enormous pain slowing me down considerably! This was very irritating! But hey, what can you do. I can almost guarantee every athlete on the competition floor was suffering from at least one niggle!

The second workout today, and final workout of the weekend, was a fast 21-15-9 thruster and 3-2-1 legless rope climbs combo. Blink and you missed it! I outdid my expectations in this workout which was amazing to finish on a bang. The ropes were shorter than I had practiced on. Bonus! And the weight felt easy on the thrusters.

A perfect way to end the weekend!

Walking onto the competition floor for the last time was very emotional. Although I was glad for it to all be over so I could relax, I miss the adrenalin rush and the sheer fun of being able to workout alongside a whole bunch of amazing athletes! This weekend has just reminded me why I love to compete and why I keep pushing myself to the next level.

What a journey I have had this weekend! It truly has been amazing and I really can’t explain in words how I feel to have completed my first ever Meridian CrossFit Regionals as an individual.

I finished 35th overall which I cannot be disappointed with! I would love to have come slightly higher, but I have to remember that I came with no expectations and I didn’t expect to be at regionals as an individual this year! That was my aim for next year so I’m currently a year ahead of schedule!

It hasn’t been an easy road, but I appreciated and soaked up every minute. I feel so honoured to have competed and performed in such a tough competition alongside such incredible athletes.

There were many ups and downs, but I have learnt a great deal about myself and what I need to work on for next year.

Now I’m off to enjoy my few days left in Madrid

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