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Rookie at Regionals

It’s all starting to get a bit real now… I’ve checked in at the airport and I’m awaiting my flight! It’s hard to explain how it feels. I am not nervous just very excited but I’m sure if you ask me the same question on Friday morning as I’m about to lift my first barbell I may tell you something very different.

The key thing for me to remember this year going to Meridian Regionals as a rookie individual is to enjoy the experience and have fun! Obviously work as hard as I can but just learn from everything and use it to help me grow as an athlete ready to smash it up even more next year!

Having been to regionals last year as part of a team I feel I have a good understanding of what it is going to be like, how the competition runs and what to expect but I know this year as an individual it will be different but at least I’m not going in blind!

I am so excited to feel the pumping of my heart, the adrenalin rushing around my body and the sheer buzz you feel as the crowd shout and scream during the workouts! It’s a feeling no one can even begin to explain, it just has to be experienced!

I feel so honoured to be a part of this experience and to be able to workout amongst some of the best athletes in the world; I really could not be more thankful. Hard work and grit really does pay off!

The best and most amazing this is to know that every athlete throwing down alongside me on the competition floor has worked just as hard as me in training all year to earn their spot and when a WOD is in full swing it’s a very beautiful moment of very determined individuals putting themselves through something not many people can do to prove they are the fittest in the Meridian Region.

However much we all get on as friends away from the competition floor, as soon as “3, 2, 1, GO” is said, everyone’s inner competitive edge comes out and it becomes a competition of who can stay in the darkest place the longest or who can push through it the quickest!

The competition floor becomes a battle ground of individuals all breathing hard with racing hearts fighting for the same goal! The only question is who will come out on top!

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