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What are you willing to sacrifice to get to where you want to be?

Latin phrase ‘sacrifice’ meant the ‘act of giving up one thing for another’. The word sacrifice can be used within many contexts but the context in which I’ll be discussing it is what sacrifices are you willing to make to be the best and achieve the dreams you want to achieve. 

I often get asked about the sacrifices I make each day in order to achieve and live my life the way I do; but what prompted me to write this blog was a conversation I had with my mum. It went a little like this…..

Mum….. I’ll see you when I get back from my late shift, Lucy

Me…. No you probably won’t mum I’ll be in bed

Mum….. at 8.30 pm Lucy

Me….. Yes mum I’ll be winding down I am training in the morning

Mum….. Lucy, are all these sacrifices you make really worth it? I’m sure you go to bed earlier than anyone else we know

Me….. 100%

When I was talking to my mum there was no hesitation in my answer of whether my sacrifices were worth the outcome that they may have. My answer to anyone would always be the same 100% yes.


‘Are your sacrifices really worth it’

‘You may never achieve your dreams’

‘You might regret it one day’

For me going to bed an hour early, not going on a night out or even skipping a dirty takeaway are not sacrifices they are just part of life. For me every ‘sacrifice’ as some people may see it is no sacrifice to me rather a decision I make because I want to achieve and my will to achieve far outweighs one night on the piss or an extra hour up watching crap TV.

For some this may make me seem boring and not like everyone else but personally I would not change what I do and how I live my life for anything.

I make sacrifices everyday but they are because I WANT to make them this is why I achieve. Never will I regret any sacrifice I have made and I sure will achieve because I will make sure of it!


The only regret I would ever have is not making the sacrifices and taking the chances I am given. Who knows when the day will come and I can’t for some reason do what I love doing! So for the time I can I sure as hell will do all I can.

Many people get too caught up in what others think of them and how they live their life but I always remember that most of those people are usually just jealous because you may have a life they wish they could lead.

The moral of the blog is to understand that each day many of us make decisions and sacrifices to help us try to achieve our goals and dreams but always just remember they have to be because you want to make them! Don’t ever worry about what everyone else is saying or doing.

Remember never let the opinions of others stop you!

And always remember

What are you willing to sacrifice to get to where you want to be?

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