Vita Active

I started Vita Active with my business partner (Mike) when I mentioned to him that I had always wanted a clothing company because I was never able to find any clothes that really fitted my body shape and I felt comfortable to workout in and wear outside of the gym.

Vita means ‘life’ in Latin and for Mike and I life is for living. As athletes and entrepreneurs we are all about chasing our dreams and this is what we wanted to try and inspire our clients to do.

Our motto is BETTER.STRONGER.ACTIVE. We decided to use this as our motto as this is how we live our lives and we once again wanted to be able to encourage others to become strong and active too. This is both physically and mentally whilst striving for success in all areas of their lives.

Our aim was to produce clothing with an understated design, to show people goals do not need to be complicated and life does not need to be flashy to be enjoyed.

Our biggest aim with Vita was to inspire our clients to achieve results but above all to be happy within their own skin.