My Background

I am a highly motivated and successful trainer, British, European and World Record holding Powerlifter and Regionals Crossfit Individual and Team athlete who has worked hard to become a strong athlete achieving and reaching beyond my own personal goals.

My determination and constant drive to achieve and progress is what I believe many of my fellow training partners admire and use to help push them to achieve their goals. Previously I have helped others to reach and go beyond their own personal strength and weight loss goals and personal training with Lucy can help you in achieving yours

At school I competed in the 80m and 100m sprints as well as the discus, always coming in the top three for my year. Whilst at University I was lucky enough to reach my purple belt in kickboxing.  My determination and endurance was tested and pushed to its limit last year when I climbed Kilimanjaro, showing how perseverance, self-belief and confidence can help you to overcome both mentally and physically testing challenges. I was also lucky enough to achieve my deep sea rescue diver qualification whilst living in Mozambique. Being able to push myself beyond my own comfort zone led to me completing my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification through Premier Training International, as I wanted to combine my love for fitness with my job.  I have sound knowledge in Kettlebell, TRX, Bulgarian Bag and many other fitness techniques. I am also a Level 1 CrossFit coach, CrossFit Kids coach and GP referral qualified.

I believe that my motivation, dedication and passion for fitness will help to motivate and push you towards progressing and achieving your own personal goals. With my background in Kickboxing, strength and conditioning, and fat loss, my teaching strengths lie within these areas. Additionally, I can help you to incorporate as much functional training as possible into your workout routines as these techniques can be utilised in your everyday life helping you to become stronger, not only in your fitness programmes, but also in your everyday life.

With a great interest in nutrition I can help guide and advise you to sculpting and building a fat burning machine of your body, as the transformation of the body happens not only in the gym but also in the kitchen.

I work individually with each client designing a programme specifically for you and your needs, allowing you to reach your own specific goals in a manageable and realistic time frame.  All I ask of you is your commitment, determination and desire to improve.

I always strive to challenge myself and improve on my abilities, through constant research and training courses. I believe that you can never know too much and keeping up with the latest training techniques, and even going back to the basics, is what makes me an outstanding trainer. Alongside, personal training I am a fitness and nutrition advisor.