About Me

I am a highly motivated and successful trainer, British, European and World Record holding Powerlifter and Regionals Crossfit Individual and Team athlete who has worked hard to become a strong athlete achieving and reaching beyond my own personal goals. Alongside training for strength sports I train to compete in endurance races such as triathlons, Ironman races and Ultra Marathons.

My determination and constant drive to achieve and progress is what I believe has also helped me to become not only the successful person, athlete but the entrepreneur that I am. I work very hard and never give up on any of my dreams. I have achieved a lot in my athletic career but I am also so proud of what I have achieved as a business owner. I currently run 3 businesses Personal training with Lucy, Training for Two and Vita Active as well as having a very successful podcast Unplugged and Real . I am most proud of these businesses as they show the ‘real’ side of me and how I like to help others reach their full potential just like I was able to. I also fully believe that looking after your mind, talking and listening is vital to stay healthy mentally as well as physically. This is an area a lot of people neglect and I believe this needs to change.

My journey in fitness did not start like many when they were a child, I always did anything to get out of doing PE at school and was always pretty lazy but when I started kickboxing at uni and found CrossFit my whole World changed and it became the biggest part of my life. I also fully transformed the way I look from starting CrossFit to now. I was a slight 47kg when starting CrossFit and now sit at a healthy 60kg with a very different looking physique.

I decided to become a personal trainer, coach and performance nutritionist to help others achieve their goals just like I have. This is so important to me and drives all areas of my businesses because living a healthy life these days is so important.

I wanted to include a blog on my site because I feel there are so many important topics people fear talking about and I wanted them to know there are other people out there feeling and thinking the same as them and also know it is ok to talk about how you are feeling. This was also the driving force behind my podcast with my friend Jenn.

Here is a timeline of my sporting achievements

2013- Started CrossFit
2013 – 1000+ in CrossFit Open (Europe)
2014 – Tribal Clash Team Comp – 5th
2014 – Battle of the Beasts individual – 13th
2015 – TAG individual – 97th
2015 – 107th in CrossFit Open (Europe)
2015 – CrossFit Regionals Copenhagen Team 1664 – 19th in Europe
2015 – British Powerlifting World record holder – 2 x @ 60kg weight category
2015 – European Powerlifting World record holder – 4 x @ 60kg weight category
2015 – World Powerlifting World record holder – 4 x @ 60kg weight category
2016 – TAG individual – 37th
2016 – 34th in CrossFit Open (Europe)
2016 – CrossFit Regionals Madrid individual – 34th in Europe & Africa
2018 – CrossFit Regionals Berlin individual – 37th in Europe & Africa
2021 – Middle Distance Triathlon
2022 – Ultra Marathon 50k