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Knowing what to eat and when can be a massive challenge nowadays with so much conflicting information being available on the internet. Even if you manage to find some truth within the mass of information available there is no guaranteeing that it will work for you.

Every individual is different and our bodies are so very different this meaning that the way in which we all need to eat and fuel our bodies is going to be different. Finding what works for you is an exploration and can take time but is so beneficial when you do find the best way to fuel your body for training, life and general health, fitness and wellness.

My passion for nutrition and performance nutrition started when I joined CrossFit in 2013 and progressed in competing as an athlete. I was a slight 47kg when my journey started with no muscle and a stick thin frame and quickly realised I needed to gain some weight, muscle and strength if I wanted to compete. Now 7 years later I am 60kg, strong and a low body fat percentage. The journey I have have been on has not been straight forward or easy but I have really enjoyed experimenting with my food and different ways of eating along the way. Through experimenting with my own diet I can now use and adapt some of these techniques with my clients.

How can I help you?

  • Simple nutritional habit forming
  • Meal plan and recipes ideas
  • Learning how to eat around your daily activities and life
  • Performance nutrition
  • Competition nutrition