Unplugged and Real

I am so proud of my podcast and it is one of the best things I have ever decided to do alongside my friend Jenn.

Throughout my life I have always struggled to know that it is ok to talk about how I was feeling. I found I always shut my feelings up inside because I was scared what people might think of me, would they judge me but most of all it would make me weak because I could not deal with coping with problems in my own life myself.

Jenn and I were having a conversation one day around this topic and she said she felt a very similar way so we began to wonder how many other people were in the same boat and struggling to talk about how they were feeling. It was from this conversation that Unplugged and Real was born.

The aim of the podcast is to address taboo topics and let people know that is ok to talk and listen more to each other. This is so vital in the high and fast paced life we live where no one seems to interact with each other personally much anymore but depend on social media, instant messenger and mobiles.

Since starting the podcast we have 5 star reviews and have had hundreds of listeners say how important the podcasts are in their lives as we discuss topics they can relate to their lives and are so glad people are thinking and feeling to same way as them.