6 Week postpartum training plan to get you back to the gym


Before starting this programme you should have been discharged from your doctor and given the all clear to exercise. You must also be six weeks postpartum due to the first six weeks being the most important post-delivery, as this is when the body needs to rest and this is when all the natural recovery and recoil takes place. Exercising too much and too quickly could hinder this process and cause long-term problems. You should also not be experiencing any symptoms of dysfunction. If you should feel any discomfort with any exercises or during any of the routines then you should not continue to exercise and should seek medical advice. We would also advise that you see a pelvic floor physiotherapist to seek additional pelvic floor assistance and to help advise where you are in your healing process.



Pelvic floor physio approved

The intention of this programme is to help women postpartum to get back into the gym in a safe manner. The programme is six weeks long and re-introduces movement and weight-based exercise into your daily and weekly routine. The programme will look at movement and strength-based exercise alongside core and pelvic floor exercises to help aid the healing and strengthening progress of the core. The exercises will build up in a progressive manner to help aid the healing process and not put too much pressure back onto the body too quickly. Each individual must respect the healing process and follow the plan closely. The emphasis on this six week programme is to work on quality of movement, rather than weight lifted and speed.


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