My goal has been to lose 1 stone of fat and she has really helped me increase my fitness and kept me enthusiastic and motivated throughout. I have lost half a stone already in under 1 month and I love my workouts with her. I call her ‘the machine’ because she just keeps going and is so passionate about fitness and strength. She’s a great workout partner and I would recommend her to anyone” – Lara

“Having decided I wanted to increase my ability to run without getting so breathless – I decided to hire Lucy to help improve my overall fitness which in the long run would improve my running. Before starting I measured my running abilities by tracking my running distance over a half an hour period – including stopping times to walk. I can now report that after just 3 weeks of training with Lucy my running distance over the half an hour period has increased and I no longer need to stop for rest. I have also been able to add in step climbs to increase the intensity of my run. I am delighted with the sessions I have received from Lucy and I find that the 30 minute sessions, although, intense, are extremely good fun and I have never known 30 minutes to go so fast.” – Angela

“If you want someone to push you hard, Lucy is the person. She understands what you want and will do what she can to help you achieve it. No workout is ever the same, so you will never get bored and you can see that she loves what she does through her energy and enthusiasm in a training session.” – Emily

“I spoke to Lucy one afternoon when I felt like I was taking one step forward and two back. She helped me understand where I was going wrong with my diet/way of thinking and she soon got me on track. One month on and I have lost a stone and achieved my summer goals. I have a long way to go until I get to where I want to be but I know that Lucy will help all the way till I’m there.” – Rob

I am currently hiring Lucy to help me lose body fat, get fit, and to generally lead a much healthier, more active lifestyle. I am a work in progress but already in a relatively short space of time (just over 4 weeks) I have seen some fantastic results thanks to Lucy and her teaching methods! She makes training sessions fun and varied, and because of this I look forward to all of our sessions together, which helps keep me motivated. Lucy has helped me with my nutrition and she is always available for added support when needed. Lucy is very passionate about health and fitness and helping others to achieve their goals. I know with Lucy’s continued help and support I will achieve mine.” – Eric

“Having followed a nutrition plan from Lucy in early December, with regular training i have seen a significant, 3kg weight rise. With my body fat staying the same at a solid 9%. I feel stronger and more focused during my workouts and with many coaching cues have successfully hit many personal records over the past 2 months. I would highly recommend Lucy for her coaching, nutrition plans and as a friend” – Mij