More and more often I get asked what do you do? How did you get good at CrossFit? What do you eat? What programme do you follow? Etc So I thought I would write down in the form of a blog/diary so you guys can follow my journey and see what is like to be a  CrossFit Athlete and how I got to where I am today, but first a little about my journey.

I haven’t always been the sporty one in the family, in fact I was probably the laziest of me and my two sisters yet when I discovered CrossFit my whole World changed. I quickly changed from being not interested in sport to wanting to become the best. I would spend every second I could in the box asking people to show me how to do things and then not leaving until I had achieved it. People always joked saying “Lucy has a bed out the back, she never leaves”. But every second I spent in that box has paid off as now after just 5 years of CrossFit I have 3  Meridian CrossFit Regionals appearances, 2 individual and 1 team!

I have quickly learnt over the last few years that to be a successful CrossFit athlete you have to have the Desire, Drive, and Determination, alongside the will to make sacrifices to become one of the best. And above all realise it will not happen overnight… Success takes time!

I hope you enjoy my blog and enjoy taking my journey with me!