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Act of God!

What would you say if I suggested that this Coronavirus pandemic was an act of GOD? Yes, I can imagine you are going to say I am crazy as he is supposed to love us and protect us from the unimaginable but what if, let’s just say, what if he was actually trying to protect his own home, the World, the only place he has to live and the only place he has to put us and protect us in – which we have slowly be destroying over the past few hundred years. Let’s just think about it in that way.

Maybe he is indeed looking out for us like he always has but we have not been listening, so he finally had to make an impact and a judgement call to make us all stop and listen, and put us at a standstill to wake up and realise.

We can look at it from another angle; how would you like it if someone was to come along and disrespected your home, would you like that? I’m guessing not, so then it could be argued why should he look out for us.

  • We have been ruining the planet through pollution for hundreds of years
  • We terrorise each other and cannot seem to find a neutral ground or peace to live in
  • We do not care for each other, people have become far too materialist and selfish
  • People do not respect their elders
  • Many of us live a carefree life not thinking about how our behavior can affect others and the place we live.

Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash

So let’s take a step back and think perhaps we are being taught a lesson. A lesson in love and how to care not only for one another but also for our planet and ourselves. How to become less selfish and materialist. How to reduce our pollution and take care of the only place we have to live and have love for each other and find peace in the World we live in.

Maybe we are being shown to appreciate the things we take for granted every day such as gyms, shops, salons, pubs, bars, coffee shops. Being able to go outside and live our lives freely. Maybe we are being taught that we need to come away from our fast-paced lives where we just work and go about our day caring only for ourselves. Maybe we need to rebuild those relationships with our family, our gfs/bfs, wives/husbands, kids and maybe we need to switch off our virtual World and come back to reality.

Life has changed so much over the last few years and maybe it is feared we are becoming very complacent and uncaring for the real World around us. Maybe we need to wake up, look in the mirror or even the sky outside and think ‘what a day it is to be alive’ don’t take any breath for granted and re-build those relationship we are slowly losing. Maybe it’s time we take some time to think, act and move forward holding each other’s hands and reaching for those from above.

Guys it’s time to make a change because if we do not respect this World and what it is trying to tell us then we really are in more of a predicament than we think.

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